the soccer club of the Eastern Panhandle

Ice (07G)

Head Coach: Jeff Willingham
Assistant Coach: Marc Wenner

Manager: Amy Keenan

United (06G)

Head Coach: Jarred Miller
Assistant Coach: Tom Rebuck

Manager: Cammy Rebuck

​​Force Black (04G)

Head Coach: Matthew Chorley

Assistant Coach: Gina Parker

Assistant Coach:  Chris Bledsoe

Assistant Coach:  Mark Rader

Manager: Angie Bangit

​​​Freedom Patriots (99G)

Head Coach: Tristan Longnecker

Assistant Coach: Austin Longnecker

Assistant Coach: Adrianna Grady

Assistant Coach: Morgan Vanderpool

Manager: Sarah Ward

Shock (99/00G)

Head Coach: Juan Estrada

Assistant Coach: Bill Newland

Assistant Coach: Alexandra Estrada

Manager: Kristi Johnson

Girls Teams


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Force Blue (04G)
Head Coach: Jason Albright
Assistant Coach: Stephen Jenkins

Assistant Coach: David Gaither
Manager: Whitney Jenkins