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West Virginia Soccer Association (WVSA) Registration **for Travel Teams ONLY ***

(Not for Academy Use-see Academy page for WVSA Academy registration)

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Programs Available

We are excited to offer several choices of soccer play for players:

A.  EPIC Developmental Academy Program is for players U5 to U10. The EPIC fee for this program is  $110 for Academy Kickers, $140 for Academy, and $160 for Academy Pro.  The Academy season runs August through May. There is a prorated price if just registering for the Spring season from March through May. If slots are available, you can register (click here) at any time. The number of practices and opportunity for play of short-sided games will be structured but may vary dependent on many factors.  For more information, see our EDAP  page.


B.  EPIC Prep Program is for players in divisions U11 to U14.  The EPIC fee for this program is $135.00 for the year.  The player will have the same experiences as other travel team members but without the commitment of travel games.  If the player chooses to play travel games at some point in the year and it is agreed upon by the team's coaching staff, the player will then owe the remaining balance of the EPIC fee of $90.00.  A uniform is not required but is an option to purchase.


C.  Travel Soccer Program (U9-U19) is for players who make a decision to commit to the number of practices and game opportunities in the Fall and Spring that is provided and supported by the EPIC Soccer League.  Each player is registered with the West Virginia Soccer Association. You will find detailed information below regarding this specific program.


Online Payment Available

REGISTER HERE for online credit card/debit payment options.  You may choose to pay a one time payment of your player's EPIC fee or 3 payments over the period of approximately 4 months. 

At the online registration site, choose Travel Soccer 2018-19 under Current Session Info. 

What is expected from an EPIC Travel Soccer Club Player?

Practices are held 2 to 3 times per week. Practice days are determined by the coach. Travel will be included in the season of play. Travel locations are determined by the league in which the team participates. Tournament fees and field fees will be divided equally by the number of players on the team.  Each player is expected to purchase the team uniform and it will be used for more than 1 year. 


What are the Estimated Fees to play on a Travel Team or in one of the Development Programs? 

To play on a Travel team the estimated total is $250.00 per year for returning players and $360.00 for new players. This estimated total includes an EPIC registration fee from each player to cover field development, WVSA registration, registrar fee, operating expenses (such as equipment, paint, etc.) and training expenses for coaches and/or players. (Tournament fees and field fees are estimated to be $50.00 to $250.00 per player dependent upon age, league of play and the number of tournaments in which a team participates.) The estimated total listed above also includes uniform costs which  are estimated at $90.00 to $150.00 per player and will not be purchased each year as uniforms purchased are of a quality and style that will last more than 1 year. The estimated fee to join the EDAP Academy can run between $110 to $160 per year depending on age and which Academy program.  The estimated fee to participate in the Prep Program is $135.00 for the year.


How many practices will my team have per week and where will the practices be held?

This varies by age division and coach.  Some teams practice 2 times per week or 3 times per week.  The place of practice could be on any one or more of our fields listed on the Fields section of this website.  Please contact a board member if more specific information is needed.


Where do I get my uniform?

Once a player has been accepted/placed on a team, the team manager will contact the parent with information on where to purchase and which uniform to purchase.  This will be an online company with which we have a business relationship to get the uniform at the lowest cost possible.


Will my player be playing in tournaments?

This decision is made by the coach with input often from the team manager and parents.  The fees for tournaments will be divided among the number of your team players participating in the tournament.


How long is the season?

Practices for the Fall season will begin August 1 and end around November 7.  The indoor season is optional for EPIC players.  The Spring season will begin March 1 and end around June 9.  The EPIC registration fee covers the Fall and Spring season only.


Is my player required to play indoor soccer?

Some players do not play indoor as it is optional.  This should be discussed with your coach.


What paperwork is required once my player is accepted/placed on a team?

The parents will be required to sign and submit to the team manager the medical release form, sportsmanship policy, photo release, permission to travel and signed codes of conduct for all parents and players.  Your team manager will assist you with these requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions