the soccer club of the Eastern Panhandle


Mondays & Thursdays 5:30pm -6:30pm

Morgan's Grove Park 

4198 Kearneysville Pike, Shepherdstown, WV

Your player should bring water, a ball if they have one, and shinguards should be worn.


*Note: Monday, March 13 and Thursday, March 16 sessions will be held at Shepherdstown Middle School

Register Here for EPIC Developmental Academy Program

EPIC Developmental Academy Program

  U5 - U10 Boys and Girls
  Academy Director: David Leonard
  Coaches:  Erin Breen, Aric Canonico, Calli Maloney, Maddie Maloney, Fina Maerten, Gina Parker, Matt Chorley
  Managers:  Jen Kirkland & Additional OPEN POSITION

The EPIC Developmental Academy Program (EDAP) is for players U5 to U10Registration for this program is $115.00 for the entire training year, which runs from August through the following May. Practice session activities and games are designed and tailored to follow the best practices and guidelines set forth by US Soccer and US Youth Soccer. These guidelines outline a youth soccer development program encouraging each player to become more comfortable, confident and creative with their foot skills, while increasing their enjoyment of soccer. Practice session activities are intended to be fun, challenging and create an environment simulating in-game situations, keeping players moving and engaged. Players are allowed to participate at a level that is commensurate with each player’s developmental level and not solely based on age groups. The skills worked on each week are encouraged and emphasized in games and matches, to allow players to practice their skills in a game environment and gain confidence on the ball. The Academy Director oversees all aspects of the Academy Program, and works with the Club Director of Coaching to develop and implement appropriate curricular goals for all players and coaches. Players only need to register with the club to join the Academy program.


Training Year: In the EPIC Developmental Academy Program the training year begins in August (fall season) and ends the following May (spring season). When there are available slots, players can register  at any time during the year and immediately join training. In the fall, training is from August through the end of October and training in the spring begins in March and goes through the end of May. The training costs $115.00, and is prorated for new players that join in the spring. Training sessions are held two days a week, (days still TBD and are local to the Shepherdstown area).  Games are on Saturdays in the Frederick, MD vicinity or Hagerstown, MD vicinity based on age group.  An additional training session is held for U9 and U10.


Coaching philosophy: In the EPIC Developmental Academy we focus on individual skill development, confidence with ball skills and defending 1v1, and comfortability using either foot as appropriate. We also work on teaching the kids proper balance and coordination skills as well as introducing fitness concepts. All training is derived from the US Youth Soccer guidelines on coaching youth soccer and incorporates the USSF Best Practice methods (eng)(esp). The kids are encouraged to experiment with moves and various skills or techniques in games. We believe confidence will come from continuously working at a skill until they master it and not being afraid to try it in a game.



  • Dribbling creatively
  • Ball control with comfortability under pressure
  • Receiving the ball with proper first touch
  • Tackling
  • Striking the ball with both feet
  • Balance
  • Coordination development

Children who start playing on EPIC teams at a young age begin learning the footwork, teamwork, strategy, and other skills that help them succeed throughout their soccer-playing careers, including high school and college.